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Python Realtime Plotting | Matplotlib Tutorial | Chapter 9
By Udit Vashisht

Python Realtime Plotting in Matplotlib

Python Realtime Plotting | Chapter 9

In this tutorial, we will learn to plot live data in python using matplotlib. In the beginning, we will be plotting realtime data from a local script and later on we will create a python live plot from an automatically updating csv file. The csv file will be created and updated using an api. So, in the later part of this tutorial we will be creating ...

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Scatter Plotting in Python | Matplotlib Tutorial | Chapter 7
By Udit Vashisht

Scatter Plot in Python using Pandas and Matplotlib

In this tutorial we will learn to create a Scatter Plot in Python using Matplotlib and Pandas. We will use matplotlib.pyplot()’s plt.scatter() to create the scatter plot

What is a Scatter Plot?

Scatter Plot also known as scatter plots graph, scatter graphs, scatter chart, scatter diagram is used to show the relationship between two sets of values represented by a dot. It helps in finding the co-relation between the ...

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Matplotlib Tutorial in Python | Chapter 1 | Introduction
By Udit Vashisht

Matplotlib Tutorial in Python

In this series of Matplotlib Tutorials in Python, we will cover all the concepts from beginners to expert level. Starting with how to install Matplotlib library to how to create the plots, this series is an exhaustive tutorial and by the end of this series you will be able to create most of the plot types.

What is Matplotlib?

Matplolib is a plotting library which is used to generate 2D figures/graphs from data in ...

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If __name__ == '__main__' in Python
By Udit Vashisht

What does if __name__ == ‘__main__‘in python means?

In python, you must have come accross the following code :-

if __name__ == '__main__': main() 

In this tutorial, we will learn in detail what does the above statement means. As per official documentation:

‘__main__‘ is the name of the scope in which top-level code executes. A module‚Äôs __name__ is set equal to ‘__main__‘ when read from standard input, a script, or from an interactive prompt.

It means that if ...

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Set Passwords and Secret Keys in Environment Variables (Mac/Linux/Windows) - Python Quicktip
By Udit Vashisht

Hide Passwords and Secret Keys in Environment Variables

If you are into python , there is a fair chance that you would have contributed to open-source or had your code snippets/projects on Github or BitBucket.Some time your code involves some important credentials like passwords or secret keys etc. like the code for our post on how to send emails using python uses google/app password. You surely do not want to hard code the password in your ...

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Use Python to send emails
By Udit Vashisht

How to send emails using Python?

We can easily send emails using Python by using the following steps:-
1. Setting up the SMTP server using smtp.ehlo() and smtp.starttls().
2. Logging in to your account using smtp.login().
3. Creating a message by adding subject and body.
4. Sending the email using smtp.sendmail(sender, receipient, message).

In this tutorial, we will learn to use python to send emails using gmail. We will start with sending plain email using ...

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Convert JSON to CSV using Python
By Udit Vashisht

JSON to CSV in Python

In this tutorial, we will convert multiple nested JSON files to CSV firstly using Python’s inbuilt modules called json and csv using the following steps and then using Python Pandas:-

  1. First of all we will read-in the JSON file using JSON module.
  2. Then we will create a list of the data which we want to extract from each JSON file.
  3. Then we will write the data from these ...

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Python Tutorial for Beginners
By Udit Vashisht

Python Tutorial for Beginners

Have you heard a lot about Python Language? Are you looking for free and reliable resource to learn Python? If Yes, your search for the Best Python Tutorial is over.

We are excited to bring an exhaustive Python tutorial for a complete beginner. Even if you do not have any or very less experience in programming, by the end of this series you will be having a strong grasp on the basics of Python.


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